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ALERT: Hudgens Participates in Groundbreaking Ceremony for Fire Protection Lab.

ALERT: In accordance with Ga. Reg. 120-2-78-.08 any unauthorized assuming insurer that meets the Department’s requirements may qualify as a Certified Reinsurer.Click here for more information.

ALERT: Georgia Mutual Insurance, A Stock Company,  was placed into Receivership on February 7, 2014.  Click here for a copy of the  Rehabilitation & Liquidation Order, Notice of Liquidation and Proof of Claim FormProof of Claim form must be properly completed, mailed, and postmarked no later than August 9, 2014.”

Attention All State Employees and Public School System Employees: The Georgia Department of Insurance received a number of inquiries regarding the 2014 State Health Benefit Plan’s benefits and premium changes. The Department of Insurance does not have jurisdiction over this health plan. Our advice to state employees, school system employees, retirees and their dependents who have questions or concerns about these changes is to contact the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) which oversees the plan. DCH may be contacted by telephone at 404-656-4507 or online at

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