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Consumer Services Documents

Adobe pdf document2008 Accidental And Health Insurers by Direct Premiums
Adobe pdf document2009 Guaranteed Renewable Accident and HEalth Insurers by Direct Premium
Adobe pdf document2009 Group Accidental and Health Insurers by Type By Direct Premiums
Adobe pdf document2017 Long Term Care Partnership Insurance contacts
Adobe pdf document2018 List of HMO Insurers in Georgia
Adobe pdf documentGeorgia Company Portal Consumer Complaints Process training manual
Adobe pdf documentGuide for Automobile Insurance
Adobe pdf documentGuide for Business Insurance
Adobe pdf documentGuide for Fixed Deferred Annuity Insurance
Adobe pdf documentGuide for Homeowners Insurance
Adobe pdf documentGuide for Life Insurance
Adobe pdf documentInsurance Before And After A Disaster
Adobe pdf documentNAIC Guide_Fixed Annuities
Adobe pdf documentNAIC Guide_Fixed Equity Annuities

For a complete listing of all consumer services publications, please call the Consumer Services Division at: 404-656-2070 in Metro Atlanta or 1-800-656-2298 outside of the Metro Atlanta Area. Our phone lines are open from 8AM to 6PM Monday through Friday.
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