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Safety Tips for Places of Worship


  • Illuminate the exterior and all entrances. Consider the installation of motion-activated lighting near doors and
  •  Promote church watches in the neighborhood.
  •  Educate neighbors about recognizing any unusual activities, and encourage them to make note of strangers spending time in the area, both on foot and in vehicles.
  •  Open avenues of communication with local fire and law enforcement officials regarding the arson problems churches are facing.
  •  Keep shrubbery and trees trimmed so buildings can be observed by passing patrols.
  •  Consider fencing areas that are not readily visible to patrols or neighbors.
  •  Installation of a combination of burglary and fire alarm should be considered.
  •  Remove all waste and trash promptly
  •  Provide adequate equipment to housekeeping staff to help keep premises clean
  •  Enact programs for occupants to help maintain cleanliness
  •  Remove any unnecessary clutter in storage areas
  •  Store items in a safe manner, away from sources of spark or flame
  •  Make sure flammable or combustible liquids or aerosols are properly used and stored
  •  Maintain all kitchen hoods - clean filters regularly
  •  Cooking operations should only be performed in designated areas
  •  Ensure all suppression systems are maintained (sprinkler, fire extinguisher, etc.)
  •  Make sure all electrical cords, plugs, switches, etc. are clean and undamaged
  •  Control Smoking areas - provide proper signage
  •  Do not overload electrical outlets with too many appliances
  •  Avoid long extension cords and always run them safely - never under rugs or carpet
  •  Report unsafe conditions or suspicious activity immediately
  •  Make sure any additions or renovations are submitted for review and permitting
  •  All electrical work is required to be performed by a certified electrician
  •  Systems using natural or propane gas should be serviced only by qualified personnel
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