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Enforcement Functions Description

Legal Division Functions The Legal Division has the following responsibilities:

  • Provides legal analysis and memorandums to the various departments within the Department.
  • Handles requests for the interpretation of state and federal law, regulations, and caselaw from other divisions.
  • Researches and analyzes issues raised in insurance, safety fire, and industrial loan cases.
  • Drafts regulations, bulletins, and proposed legislation for the Executive Office.
  • Prepares declaratory judgments and legal opinions for parties outside of the Department pursuant to insurance regulations.
  • Coordinates with and assists the Attorney General’s office in handling appeals from administrative actions and other litigation involving the Department.

    Agent and Agency Licensing Sanctions
  • Represents the Department at administrative hearings on matters involving the regulation of insurance agents and other licensees.
  • Determines when a license revocation or refusal process is warranted through evaluation of cases, interviewing of witnesses, preparation of witness affidavits and negotiations with the agents and their attorneys.
  • Drafts Notices, Orders and other pleadings.
    Company Cases
  • Reviews market conduct examination reports to determine what enforcement action is appropriate based on the findings of the report.
  • Recommends fines and other sanctions to be levied against companies.
  • Reviews Form A exemption requests and Form A hearing requests.
  • Represents the Department at administrative hearings on matters involving the merger and/or acquisition of Georgia domestic insurers.
  • Represents the Department in settlement negotiations and administrative hearings resulting from orders.
  • Handles general compliance issues and administrative orders, including Cease and Desist Orders against Unauthorized Insurers and other Entities.
  • Represents the Department at administrative hearings concerning companies’ rate filings.
  • Investigates and advises the Insurance and Financial Oversight Division on the review of filings related to limited risk or non-traditional entities.
    Safety Fire
  • Advises and represents the Safety Fire Division on legal matters.
  • Reviews cases involving noncompliance to determine appropriate remedial action.
  • Prepares orders to enforce laws and regulations, including consent orders, orders to cease and desist, and orders imposing monetary penalties.
    Industrial Loan
  • Represents the Department at administrative hearings for industrial loan cases.
  • Obtains documentary evidence and negotiates with industrial loan licensees and their attorneys.
  • Reviews documents submitted by industrial loan licensees, evaluates compliance with law and regulations, and recommends approval or disapproval of programs.
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