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Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office
Fire Investigation
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Atlanta, GA 30334

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Fire Investigations

The State Fire Marshal’s Investigations Unit operates on a 24-hour basis to conduct fire origin and cause examinations for the insurance industry, fire service and law enforcement agencies across the State.  The Fire Investigations Unit receives requests for investigative assistance from local, state, and federal authorities and insurance companies. 
The primary focus of the State Fire Marshal’s Investigation Unit is criminal investigations.  Where incendiarism has been determined, officers collect and preserve criminal evidence for presentation to the appropriate judiciary system for prosecution. 
Currently, the State Fire Marshal’s Fire Investigations Unit employs eight fire investigators and two fire investigator/accelerant detection canine handlers who conduct fire scene analysis for the 159 counties of this State.  The State has been divided into nine regions; a fire investigator has been assigned to each region.
The two accelerant detection canine teams cover the entire state and are used by the State Fire Marshal’s Office to provide service to local, state, and federal authorities upon request.  The State has been divided into two regions with an accelerant detection canine team assigned to each region.

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