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Effective August 30, 2010 the procedure for receiving payments has changed

Any payment including the paperwork and form of payment should be remitted to the following address:

Georgia Department of Insurance
Fire Safety Division
P.O. Box 935136
Atlanta, GA 31193-5136
Customer who send payments via overnight should use the following address:
Wells Fargo
Georgia Department of Insurance - Fire Safety Division
P.O. Box 935136
3585 Atlanta Avenue
Hapeville, GA 30354

Effective Date May 12, 2010

Description Amount
Building Plan Review Fee <= 10,000 sq. ft. $150.00
Building Plan Review Fee > 10,000 sq. ft. $0.015 per sq. ft.
Racetrack License $150.00
Anhydrous Ammonia Permit $150.00
Compressed Natural Gas $150.00
Self Service Station Permit $150.00
HazMat Plan Review $150.00
Explosive License (purchase, store, sale, use, transport)
500 pounds or less $75.00
More than 500 pounds $150.00
Manufacture of Explosives $150.00
Explosives Plan Review (more than 500 pounds) $100.00
Fireworks License $1,500.00
Fireworks Manufacture, Storage or Transport $1,500.00
Liquefied Petroleum Gas License
2000 gallons or less $150.00
More than 2000 gallons $600.00
certificate of occupancy $100.00
carnival license $150.00
fire alarm $150.00

Plan review sprinkler or Other

second follow up $150.00
third & subsequent follow ups $220.00
Manufacturer License Fee $440.00
Retailer License Fee $300.00
Installer License Fee $300.00
Installer Permit Fee $60.00
Manufacturer Inspection Fee $30.00
Portable Extinguisher License  Original $100.00
Portable Extinguisher License Renewal $50.00
Portable Fire Ext. Permit Original


Portable Fire Ext. Permit Renewal $25.00
Pre-Eng Kitchen/Rest. License Fee Original $100.00
Pre-Eng Kitchen/Rest. License Fee Renewal $50.00
Pre-Eng. Kitchen Permit Fee Original $100.00
Pre-Eng. Kitchen/Rest. Permit Renewal $25.00
Pre-Eng. Industrial License Fee Original $100.00
Pre-Eng. Industrial License Fee Renewal $50.00
Pre-Eng. Industrial Permit Fee Original $50.00
Pre-Eng. Industrial Permit Renewal


Engineered Fire Sup. Sys Lic. Original $100.00
Engineered Fire Sup. Lic.  Renewal $50.00
Engineered Fire Sup. Permit Lic Original $50.00
Engineered Fire Sup. Permit Renewal $25.00
Sprinkler Contactor License Original


Sprinkler Contractor Fee Renewal $75.00
Sprinkler Certificate of Competency Lic. Original $225.00
Sprinkler Certificate of Competency $150.00
Sprinkler Designer License Fee Original $175.00
Sprinkler Designer License Renewal $75.00
Sprinkler Inspector License Fee Original $175.00
Sprinkler Inspector License Renewal $75.00

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