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State Fire Marshal - ImageTrend Initiative

On March 16, 2015, The Georgia Department of Insurance Fire Marshal's office entered into contract with Imagetrend in a state-wide license for a web-based service. The ImageTrend program is a centralized data repository for fire department data. The system seamlessly integrates inspection information, NFIRS reports, inspections, document management and more. All State of Georgia fire departments and associated services are invited to join this project.

This web page will provide information that will keep you up-to-date with our implementation progress and implementation schedule. Please visit it often. Here is a flyer you may use about the ImageTrend Initiative.

Fire departments that will opt to use the ImageTrend Elite Software will need to contact Amanda Ghorley at to get started and for any additional assistance moving forward.

Even if you're department is not ready to join our system, we do encourage you to spread the word to those departments around you that would greatly benefit from a free incident reporting/database software.  


  • As of 04/01/2019, ImageTrend Elite is rolled out, the following is available:
    • NFIRS
    • Hydrants/Testing
    • Locations/Occupants/Pre-Plans/Inspections
    • Investigations
    • Training
    • Activities
    • Inventory/Maintenance
    • Truck Checklists
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