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Name Approval Online Application – Landing Page

Pursuant to the Georgia Insurance Code (Title 33), the Georgia Insurance Department is responsible for ensuring the following:

1. That no entity is using a name that is similar, misleading or confusing with respect to any other name already in use by an insurance entity; and
2. That no entity that is not an insurer is using a name that deceptively implies or suggests that it is an insurer.

Therefore, entities applying for a license, certificate of authority, registration or approval with the Department OR registering to do business in Georgia with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office may be required to obtain a Name Approval Acceptance Letter prior to receiving such license, approval or registration.

There are different name approval requirements and guidances for different entity types, so please carefully select the type of entity for which you are seeking name approval and click the corresponding blue link to proceed to the information and guidance page for that specific entity type.

  • Insurance Agency: An insurance agency is a business entity that represents one or more insurers and is engaged in the business of selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance. If you are applying for, or already have, an agency license, please click here.

  • Insurance Carrier: An insurance carrier, also known as an insurance company or insurer, is any business entity engaged as indemnitor, surety, or contractor who issues insurance, annuity or endowment contracts, subscriber certificates, or other contract of insurance by whatever name called. If you are applying for, or already have, a certificate of authority as an insurance carrier, please click here.

  • Captive Insurance Company:  A captive insurance company is a Georgia domiciled insurance company that is formed primarily to underwrite the risks of its parent, affiliates, or its members. If you are applying for, or already have, a certificate of authority as a captive insurance company, please click here.

  • Captive Manager:  A captive manager is a third-party that is designated to manage a captive insurance company and to correspond with the Commissioner regarding the business of the captive. If you are applying for, or already have, approval from the Commissioner to become an approved captive manager in the State of Georgia, please click here.

  • Limited-Risk Entity:  A limited-risk entity is an entity that bears limited or no risk. While these entities fall outside the traditional insurance company framework, they may be similarly regulated. If you are applying for, or already have, a certificate of authority, registration or approval as a limited-risk entity, please click here.

  • All other Business Types: If you do not fall into one of the above categories, but you believe that you require name approval, please click here.

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