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#1! Congratulations to State Schools-Georgia Academy for the Blind

 First school system where all schools have submitted their fire drill report for March 2020

Pursuant to Life Safety Code 11-7-.1, all public and private schools must conduct monthly fire drills while in session. This web page enables you to check a school's fire safety drill record. To date, for August, we have received fire drill reports from 210 schools out of 3493 (6%).

To view your child's school fire and severe weather reports, you must first select the county in which the school is located from the listing below, then the next drop down will display a new selection option of schools within the chosen school system. School names with a + have submitted a fire drill report for this month. Once you select the school from the drop down, the chosen school fire drill report will display at the buttom.

If you do not see your school listed below, please contact the State Fire Marshal's Office, Fire Safety Education Section at 404-463-6512.

Please choose a school system from below then a school to display their drill reports.


34 (0%)
27 (0%)
24 (0%)
29 (0%)
210 (6%)
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