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Fire Safety Symposium

Monday – Friday, June 24 – 28, 2019
Georgia Public Safety Training Center, Forsyth, GA

This Symposium is highly technical and intense in its lesson structure in an effort to teach new and modern techniques that are required in the responsibilities of the Office of Commissioner of Insurance relating to engineering/building inspections, hazardous materials inspections, and fire safety education.


Expanding the knowledge of fire service personnel, fire safety educators and inspectors allows Georgia to have a higher quality of fire service.  Networking, as well as awareness of modern products and new techniques enhances the level of competency in the State that is critical to saving lives.  Through educational opportunities and joint efforts such as the Georgia Fire Safety Symposium, the number of injuries and deaths caused by fire can continue to decrease. 


The purpose is to instill an awareness of individual responsibility for safety and prevention at home, school, work, and in all areas of life.  The objective is to decrease Georgia’s alarming fire death rate and to take fire prevention education to cities and counties that do not have it and to enhance those that do.

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