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Jim Beck was elected as Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner in 2018. In addition to being Insurance Commissioner, Beck is also the Safety Fire Commissioner and Industrial Loan Commissioner. His duties include regulating approximately 1,600 insurance companies, licensing 137,000 insurance agents, and regulating over 1,000 industrial loan offices. As Safety Fire Commissioner, Beck appoints the State Fire Marshal, oversees the state arson unit, regulates explosive and hazardous materials, and is responsible for the inspection of public buildings for compliance with the state fire code.

Commissioner Beck and his wife Lucy reside in Carrollton, Georgia; they have one son, Jimmy Beck, Jr. Commissioner Beck graduated from the University of West Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing. His insurance experience is comprehensive and multi-faceted. Commissioner Beck's background includes working in an independent insurance agency, as well as, serving for twelve years in the area of public affairs for a Fortune 150 property and casualty insurance company. During his public service, he served as Deputy Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner for the State of Georgia and most recently, Chief of Staff for Insurance Commissioner Ralph T. Hudgens. Most recently, he led an operation that provides property insurance to those who are locked out of the open market.

Commissioner Beck is also a nationally known speaker who has addressed diverse groups ranging in size from ten to 4,000. With over 30 years as a professional presenter and coach in the field of organizational leadership, Commissioner Beck has led sessions for a host of government and non-government clients. His work includes appearances on Fox, ABC and CNN. He serves as a guest editor for STAND UP GEORGIA, one of the top political news aggregates in the state, which shares information to help empower and embolden grassroots conservatism in the Peach State.

In addition to speaking engagements across the country, Commissioner Beck has always been very active in his own community. He has served the Haralson County Sheriff’s Department by creating the agency’s first Crime Prevention Unit. He was appointed by the Carroll County Board of Commissioners to serve on the board of Carroll County Department of Family and Children’s Services. He is a former Vice President of the Carrollton Jaycees. For 30 years, Commissioner Beck has been a member of Tabernacle Baptist Church, where he is a deacon. At Tabernacle, Commissioner Beck and his wife, Lucy, have taught classes for newlyweds.

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