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Your Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. The following is our web site privacy policy.
This web site collects information in two ways: through "cookies" and the information you enter when registering.
A "cookie" is nothing more than an encoded text string and contains only your first name and the date and time you last visited us. This helps us highlight items that have changed since your last visit. None of this information is kept in any database and only serves the purpose described above. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and be assured that we can not access your computer or any of your information.
When you register, the information is stored in a secured database for the purpose of notifying you with either information you requested or answering questions you may have. We would not share this information in any manner with any other public or private entity except in strict accordance with a valid court order, the Georgia Open Records Act (particularly O.C.G.A. Section 50-18-72) or other relevant state or federal law.
Open Records Request:

In response to an open records request, the Department would redact personal information in accordance with the Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. Sections 50-18-70 – 50-18-77). In particular see O.C.G.A. Section 50-18-72(a)(20)(A) which describes many of the kinds of “personal information” that would be redacted.
(a) Public disclosure shall not be required for records that are:

(20)(A) Records that reveal an individual's social security number, mother's birth name, credit card information, debit card information, bank account information, account number, utility account number, password used to access his or her account, financial data or information, insurance or medical information in all records, unlisted telephone number if so designated in a public record, personal e-mail address or cellular telephone number, day and month of birth, and information regarding public utility, television, Internet, or telephone accounts held by private customers, provided that nonitemized bills showing amounts owed and amounts paid shall be available.  Items exempted by this subparagraph shall be redacted prior to disclosure of any record requested pursuant to this article;  provided, however, that such information shall not be redacted from such records if the person or entity requesting such records requests such information in a writing signed under oath by such person or a person legally authorized to represent such entity which states that such person or entity is gathering information as a representative of a news media organization for use in connection with news gathering and reporting;  and provided, further, that such access shall be limited to social security numbers and day and month of birth;  and provided, further, that the news media organization exception in this subparagraph shall not apply to paragraph (21) of this subsection.
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