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Dust Registration Compliance

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In 2010, as a result of various incidents that occured throught out Georgia, and futher his continuous efforts for a Safe Georgia, the Insurance & Safety Fire Commissioner promulgated Rule 120-3-24.

The primary purpose of this rule is to establish state minimum fire safety standards for specific industry groups that have experienced either frequent combustible dust incidents or combustible dust incidents with catastrophic consequences and prescribe technical requirements related to building construction and to provide safety measures for operations to prevent and mitigate fires and dust explosions in facilities that handle combustible particulate solids

It further develops requirements for the training of employees to assist them in identifying fire hazards, developing safety procedures, evacuation plans, conducting safety drills and requires the reporting of manufacturing processes, incidents of fire, employee training, the practice of and participation in fire safety and emergency evacuation drills.

The map on the left displays plants that have registered with the Georgia Department of Insurance and the status of their registration.

Company satisfied requirements and is compliant
Company is in process of satisfying requirements but is not yet compliant
Company is NOT compliant

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