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Combustible Dust Registration


Regulation 120-3-24

“Rules and Regulations for Loss Prevention Due to Combustible Dust Explosions and Fire”

Click here to download a copy of the Emergency Regulation


The Web Site that individual companies will be reporting by electronic means Beginning June 1, 2010 is located at

The designated Safety Officer will enter information on this site when activated.


Reporting of Industries: Beginning June 1, 2010.

Regulation Chapter 120-3-24 effective March 9, 2010, requires all new and existing facilities that have operations involving the manufacturing, processing, and/or handling combustible particulate solids including manufacturing processes that create combustible dust to register by electronic means with the Commissioner beginning June 1, 2010. This must be completed/updated annually.

Training and Emergency Plans/Drills:

The facility’s designated Safety Officer is responsible for filing electronic reports regarding training records and the conduction of fire safety and emergency drills.



In the future, the public will be able to report fires and safety concerns, and businesses will be able to keep required information current, from this web page.

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